• dianamills

Y5: Building Bridges

Here came the rain.... again! Today was the wettest we have been at Forest School but it opened up new opportunities, challenges, and lessons!

The rain gave us a perfect opportunity to link in with some of the upcoming Y5 curriculum on building bridges. We have a load of old guttering in the walled garden and I challenged the children to make a bridge with at least 4 lengths of it... using whatever else they could find, but the end result had to be free from human hands. Some of the children jumped to the challenge, others has to be persuaded... but on the whole, the imagination, determination and teamwork was amazing. We were truly blown away with some of the creativity and problem solving, especially when the bridges (aqueducts) failed and they had to work out why the water wasn't coming down!

The other highlight for the group was tipping all the water off the shelter and collecting it in buckets (or trying to catch each other out and tip it on someone head!)

Summer and Scarlett wanted to make things with some offcuts of wood to decorate their den so set to wrk with the palm drills making holes to the put spikes in to make hedgehogs.... I cant wait to see these when they are finished!

Jake was desperate to get some feathers for his bow and arrow... so we rummaged around in the shed to find dry ones and then attached them... i defiantly think the arrow flew better with the addition of the feathers! :-)

Another super fun session today.... thanks a mil Y5, see you after half term. :-)