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Y5: Tree Planting

Thankfully we had a sunny day today - the children had great fun decorating their dens, putting up and swinging on ropes, and continuing with their latest craze of rock smashing.

I think the Stone Age topic this term has got them really interested in making tools from flints and smashing rocks to find fossils and other interesting shapes. William found a piece of flint that looked like a spear head so set about tying it one to a stick.. lots of problem solving to make sure that the sharp edges didn't rip the string!

Bridget and Olivia particularly enjoyed smashing rocks in the round house - donned with gloves and glasses they broke up quite a few flints and were amazed at the clean sharp edges they got, so they could fit the shapes back together almost as if it were whole again.

Luke spent most of the session planting a new hedge along the back fence of the nature reserve with Mrs B. He also planted a few oak trees in other areas of the WG so that we would 'spread the love'. We still have over 50 trees and hedge plants to get in so there is alot more planting to be done!

Not so many photos today are we were so busy planting and playing!

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