• dianamills

Y5: Smores!

For once we had a some sunny weather!

Last week the children had asked to make s'mores so Jake and Edward set to work making a fire in a can (we decided this was the most sustainable way to have a fire, nice and small, but did multiple jobs). The boys challenged themselves with getting the right kindling and larger material to keep the fire going... we nearly lost it at one point!

At the start of the session the children were super helpful and each collected a log from the car park... lots of team work and encouragement for rolling the logs through the playground... and coming back to help friends that had slightly larger ones.

Sophia and I made the base for the kitchen sink at last - it was a rough job... we played it by sight and used the drill to screw the legs together, it is sturdy and does the job..

The face paints came out again today and provided much entertainment. Not strictly a 'forest school activity' though, but the children do love painting their faces and it does promote lots of opportunities for communication, camaraderie, laughter and children getting together that don't usually play together...

The hammocks were in full use again today and we had some good safety lessons. The children really love swinging high but I noticed the damage they were doing to the trees, and the hammock straps. They all looked at me like I was a huge kill-joy but when I showed them that one strap was fraying, they quickly understood. Bridget certainly didn't want to crash to the ground so decided that if they sat in the hammock carefully they would be ok (the straps are double lined so safe enough for sitting). Ophelia explained to the group about friction, and had an idea that we could protect the straps and the tree with material.. great thinking!

We have done some more digging up and relocating the snow drops - some are in areas that get a lot of traffic so we decided they would be better pff moved to a safe location. In all tis work we stumbled upon a stunning red flowering current plant... we haven't seen this before in the wild area so it was a lovely surprise!