• dianamills

Y5 Forest School: Perseverance is key

Today was a mixed bag of things going on...we were so busy that I didn't take many pictures...

The main focus was the fire, where we cooked cheese and tomato pitta pockets.... they were eaten so fast I assume that the children liked them! Lots of the group were keen to try their hand at lighting fires, all saying how they'd had a go at Woodrow in Y4. Some picked it up very quickly, and others took longer. We had quite few comments of 'I'm rubbish at this' and 'I cant do it!... but with a little perseverance they made it in the end. Luke was a bit of a pro so his task was to teach his classmates, and give them to confidence to keep trying... a job he did very well!

Liberty (our fab volunteer FS Assistant) showed some of the girls how to weave poppies... they really loved this. The digging continued in Ophelia's 'underground tunnel' and Sophia and Scarlett made a start on building a kitchen with an old sink from Mrs G's kitchen... great things coming in this space!

The group were also keen to play Among Us again, and were happy to crack on without any adult help today... the shouts of 'dead body' were plentiful... they did leave me on the floor for quite a while though before coming to my rescue, thank goodness it wasn't pouring with rain!

At snack time the group really listened to each other - it has been a tricky skill to master, and definitely a work in progress - but as today was remembrance day, we all took it in turns to say something we were grateful or thankful for. I was quite humbled by many of the thing the children came out with - 'thankful for the food at home, thankful for forest school, thankful for my family and my health, thankful fr my friends'. It felt like a really powerful exercise for us all so I think we might keep this one going.

Before we left we also discussed what else the group would like to do with the sessions... build something, learn a skill etc - lots of ideas from carving to building tree houses and climbing frames so I now have a lot to go away and thing about!