• dianamills

Y5: Mud Glorious Mud

Amazing! Teamwork, mud, rain, resilience, problem solving, physical exertion… we had it all today at our new forest school site!

The new space gave us lots to think about and provided a whole new load of excitement, issues and physical challenges. To start with the field had been recently ploughed so was super muddy, and the rain just made it worst! We trudged across and Scarlett bravely heaved the trolley with a group of helpers. The site is very exposed to the wind and rain but none of the group seemed to mind and quickly got to work throwing ropes over the branches, making swings and climbing the trees. Although we can do some of this at school, the copse has very mature horse chestnut and oak trees so gives the children different things to think abut, and climbing/rope challenges to overcome.

When we arrived the boys noticed a load of broken glass so we set about putting gloves on and picking it up. We noticed what looked like fox poo and a large hole, and lots of the children were concerned that the fox would cut its feet on the glass. It did look like a group of people had been up to the copse and smashed up wine and beer bottles. I heard many of the children discussing ‘why anyone would do this’ and I think it was a great lesson for them and how they want to be when they grow up “I certainly won’t be smashing bottles on trees” I heard one say…

Edward was chief litter picker and wore gloves for the whole session so he could be ‘on call’.

The abundance of conkers provided new stimulation for the group - Sophia and Bella filled every pocket of every coat to bring back enough to make conker soap next week. Olivia wanted to collect 100s but didn’t want to do it all herself, so did the maths and got 10 people to collect 10 each, She then made a really fab Forest School sign.

I was so excited to see a group of children playing conker cricket/rounders…. a mixture of boys and girls, from the 2 different classes and those that said they don’t usually like ‘rounders’ - this really summed up the community feeling that we are developing in our sessions and I was so happy watching them play together, make up the rules and laugh so much.

Meanwhile, Jamie, William, Edward & Edward were working out how to climb into a tree and were using the rope as a pulley over the branch to pull each other up. I then gave them some actual pulleys and a climbing rope to see what they would do with it. The problem was how to get the pulley up in the tree so that they cold attach the rope... they solved it by heaving William up so that he could pop it over the branch…great out of the box problem solving! All of them loved the physical challenge of pulling themselves up and down and seeing who could touch the branch. We also chatted about each of them having different bodies/strengths when it appeared some where more able than others... and that over time, the more we do it the better we get.

The walk back to school was a soggy one - the trolley proving a huge challenge but Luke had a team to help him and despite huge amounts of mud on the wheels they got it back!

I absolutely loved today… thanks Year 5, you rock.