• dianamills

Y5: More fun in the rain...

Another lovely afternoon in the wild area with Y5. I don't know why it always rains for Y5, but they do show an amazing amount of resilience to it!

The group really wanted to get on with playing today so we only had a little FS recap and how we all were feeling today. The dens and village that some of the children had created over lockdown were a focal point- those that had made them showed the others around with pride - the bar, the theatre, the shop etc. So much imagination!

The girls decided to set up a kitchen near the wild flower meadow with the old sink from Mrs G's kitchen. Sophia was very keen on making a table for the sink so we got some wood and worked out how we were going to make it. Sadly the battery was dead on the drill but the plans were made to fit it next week. We also have a little mushroom type table (big round on top of a smaller log) which was a great kitchen surface for all the cooking. We need a hge bolt to secure the big slab... another project for us! (we also need some more tables like this so we would welcome any huge tree truck slabs!).

The hammocks were a great hit again - the children really love swinging high. We have talked a lot about safety when doing this and how much pressure gets put on the hammock fabric and the straps around the trees. Sometimes I think they just think I'm a boring old person pointing out all the dangers, but its important they realise what these are and how to manage their risks - this is a huge part of Forest School and one of the overriding principles of the ethos.

Summer really wanted to paint her face - she sat quietly and did the most amazing job, just using her reflection in the rain smashed plastic. The other girls were so impressed and asked her to do them... meanwhile Bella and Olivia decided that the mud made excellent face paint (this was a little short lived though as it dried...they didn't like the feeling of a cracking face mask!).

Anna and Jake got the shave horse out and experimented with stripping bark of some sycamore branches. Anna made a lovely flower and wanted a stem for it. We had to problem solve how to fix it on to a length of wood and eventually came up with an idea to make a dowel idea and a hole in each piece of wood to fasten together.

So much happened today and they all wanted different things so we have been trying to work out how to make project plans, but generally it was lovely to see them laughing running and playing freely.

Thank you year 5!