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Y5 Forest School: Off to the Copse...

We had a great adventure today, off to another part of the village after the upper school visit to the Nettlebed commons this morning.

Armed with our 'adventure essentials' (drinks, snacks, ropes and first aid kit) we headed off to our little horse chestnut copse in the field behind the Sue Ryder grounds. We spotted loads of different trees on the way and the children showed they clearly have a good grasp of what is around them!

Very quickly, this wonderfully competitive bunch set about finding the smallest conkers, using stones to bash open green conker shells and using sticks and team work to bash more from the trees. Lots of problem solving!

The low branches of some of the trees make for easier climbing but this also teaches them more about self awareness and safety. At snack time we discussed what they thought about this site and how it is different from school - they all like the more physical environment that allows them to climb more and test themselves, and of course, collecting conkers (anyone would have thought they were made of gold!). Mrs Burbedge and I had a game of conkers... at first the children asked us why they were banned in a lot of schools, until they saw us bash our hands and elbows with 'overthrows' and they could see why!

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