• dianamills

Y5 Forest School meets Native America...

Y5 have been very inspired by their Native American topic in the classroom so we had a chat about how the people may have lived outdoors - what tools they may have used, how they ate and any decorations etc. We had a discussion about headdresses and their significance with tribalism and nature - Ophelia informed us all about the use of feathers to symbolise flying high, as a tribal leader would rise above his people, and also that they were never worn indoors. The girls decided they would collect feathers this week to make something next week...

A group of the children used natural tubes and twigs to make blow darts... experimenting with weight and size to see how far they could shoot them.

Today was phase 1 of Atlatl construction - we used the saw to cut a weight for the head of the spear and then drilled a hole in it to fix the bamboo shaft. The sawing was great physical exercise for the children, all taking different times to cut their piece - it was equally a great lesson in patience for those waiting, and an example of how we all find some things easier/harder than others. Next week we will finish our spears and make the spear 'thrower' ... ready for some competition!

Summer continued carving her mushroom, and teach Scarlett how to do it too. It was lovely to see the transfer of knowledge between friends, particularly the safety aspect!

We also had some great den building going on and Edward made a great high trapeze swing. There is always so much diversity in the sessions it is hard to capture it all - but at snack time we like to go around the circle and discuss what we have been up to, or what we have/been thankful for etc. This week we went around the group and discussed things we had learnt - from how to use a knife safety, using a drill, how to spear a buffalo, tie a knot, blow a dart, make squash and how to be patient etc - it is always lovely hearing them reflect on what they have been up to.