• dianamills

Y5 Forest School: Knives and Treehouses

This week we discussed starting some projects to boost our skills.

Lottie, Bridget, Anna, Sophia, Summer and Scarlett started whittling some mushrooms - first sawing and length of wood, then using the knives carefully to take off bark and shape the stems. Mushrooms are a good starting project as they are relative simple, but require patience and develop motor skills. We will be completing these over the coming weeks and they will come home in the last week of term.

Edward was busy today making a swing - he put the rope up but wanted a seat so used trial and error with lots of different piece of wood to see what fitted.

William had a team around him to start on a treehouse project that he has been desperate to do all term. I dropped a load of wood off over the weekend and the boys set to work constructing a platform. We do need lots more wood, so if anyone has any spare please so let us know and we will collect it (or drop it off in the carpark).

The children are learning about Native America in their classes this and next week and we are working out what we can do at Forest School to extend our learning... please do ask yor children about this... and watch this space...