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Y5 Forest School: Fire in a can..

Lots of fun today -balancing on slack lines, making fire in tin cans, making reindeer, and bring ourselves in wood chip!

With a bit of a link to Native American and making fire.. I challenged the children with making their own fires in a tin can. Now, this was a real challenge, even for those that historically have been excellent at lighting fires. It took most of the session and many many attempts to get a fire to stay alight. We did have a few 'I give up, I'm rubbish' comments but these were met with 'no! you cant you're the best at lighting fires'... We discussed the 3 elements of fire, and why it might go out, and how to slowly build it up. The reward for having a working fire was some marshmallows, so they did keep trying!

Over in the trees Bridget, Olivia and Libby were using wooden stilt to support the on the slackfline.. very never thinking! The boy really enjoyed burying Summer (she wasn't face down... she just put her jumper on back to front so that she dint get any chips in her face!).

Bella and Sophia made a load of food in the mud kitchen.. I think we had lasagne, noodles and pie..

Next week the children have asked to go offsite again for more adventures... and they are also planning some campfire cooking for our last week... watch this space..

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