• dianamills

Y5 Forest School - 'banks of fun'

Y5 have been asking to go offsite for a while - many of them know the clay pits in the woods and were desperate to let off some steam, play with ropes and just generally change their environment.

As you can see from the pictures and gifs... they had a great time running and rolling down the banks. We did also put up a long rope with the aim of making a zip line, but it felt a little too risky so we all made the decision to use it as a 'monkey bars' rope and not use the pulleys. Some of the ropes were used to aid 'mountain climbing' - it was important that the knots were tied well... definitely a lesson worth learning here and not when you really need it to hold your weight!

There was a lot of team work and encouragement, cheering each other on to run up the banks in one go, and a few races - great strength, lots of exercise and also lots of laughter!