• dianamills

Y5: Finally some sunshine!

It was lovely to be back at Forest School with Y5 and... finally we had some great weather. Fingers are crossed for a great term of weather - Y5 definitely deserve it!

We started off the session with a 'round the table' talk of what we would like to do this term, any specific projects or skills that they would like to master, or things we can do..... but most of all the children wanted the freedom to play. Cooking over the fire and going offsite were two main outcomes, so next week we will head to the rec to make use of the old clay pits and practice our rope skills.

We are using this time to develop the vegetable garden too so there were options for the children to make things for this. Summer was a dab hand at watering some of the already sown veg, and our wildflower meadow - this was sown last year and extra seeds added this spring so we are really hoping for a wonderful display of flowers, perfect for bees, butterflies, birds and other creatures.

Sophia, Summer and Ellie practiced their knife skills. We cut down some sycamore and carefully made patters on the sticks. The girls showed great patience and control, even when they couldn't get the designs they wanted - a good lesson in perseverance!

Olivia got the shave horse out so that she could whittle an old stick she found.

The ropes were a big hit today - lots of climbing and jumping form a group f the girls - huge amounts of core and arm strength needed for what they were doing... it was very impressive. All of the photos are curtsey of Bella and Bridget - they love taking pictures each week so I have charged up and old camera that they can play with (it might mean there are less of the boys, sorry!).

The boys love hanging out in the hammocks - they re still working on how to put them up without help, but we are getting there. They really love swinging high, which is a little un-nerving so I have had to intervene a bit - its a hard line between watching them have great fun, and the risk factor... I think they wonder if i'm just too boring sometimes!

Meanwhile, Bella, Libby and Stella mad a mud face mask which dried very quickly in the heat and went all crackly.. an interesting sensation!