• dianamills

Y5: Axes, Wheelbarrows & Wild Garlic Bread

Such interesting weather today! We planned to have a fire and cook flatbreads with garlic butter - requested by Ophelia after being interested by the wild garlic we have planted onsite. The sun was shining and all was going well... until the heavens opened! Small drops at first and then they started dripping through the sun shade next to the fire. With our minds on saving our food, we had an 'all hands on deck' scenario to life up the shade to move the drips to a different area - there was a lot of laughter as the puddle was getting bigger and the drips heavier. We made a tripod out of hazel and put it ip to help the water flow off the material... phew, safe at last!

Ophelia made some delicious garlic butter with a pestle and mortar, whilst Bridget and Summer made the dough into patties and cooked them. Teamwork :-)

At snack time everyone had a taste.. some loved it, and some were a little blown away by the strength of the garlic...I was impressed that everyone had a taste though, thats what its all about.

With the fire still burning we made some charcoal pencils too in an old syrup tin - a good science lesson for all!

Edward found a piece of wood that was shaped like the head of an axe so set to work making a handle and tying it on - a great link to his Stone Age work in the classroom!

Hammocks were out again today and the wheel barrow was put to good use moving bark chip around the site - thank you Bella!