Y5 Forest School: Among Us in The Woods

Today was A. Mazing. The cooperation, team work, idea generation and listening amongst the group was fab...

I had started the session with an ideal to play a milder version of 'wink murder' - the aim was to build up our senses by sitting quietly, looking around, being aware of surroundings, and being very, very patient. As soon as I announced the idea of this game they jumped up and asked to play Among Us. We adapted the game to suit Forest School, and used conkers with holes in to decide who were the 'imposters'. A lot of collaboration went into working out the rules and how we would play it, which was brilliant to see - this was the first week all of the group have played together with no arguments, anyone getting upset etc. We all carried on FS as normal and gradually one by one, there were 'dead bodies' and lots of people trying to work out who the imposters were.

At snack time we discussed who everyone thought it was...interestingly not one of them got all 3 right!

Whilst the game was going on Liberty showed the girls how to make dream catchers - bending the willow was hard work for small hands, but really good for developing fine more skills. The girls then enjoyed finding all sorts of treasures to hang from their catchers.

Edward and Summer had a great time constructing a swing, and tying more rope to it to use as a pulley - clever!

Ophelia started digging an underground tunnel with the help of Bella - hard work but very therapeutic apparently!