• dianamills

Y2: Leopards and Pokemon!

This week we had a mixed bag of things going on, but the main focus was knife work as Molly has been asked all term to do some carving. We set aside a safe area and I told the children that they would all have a go over the course of the term, so not to worry. The knives are a progression from the palm drills, where the children have learnt about wearing gloves, having their own 'blood bubble' (safe area around them where no one else should be) and keeping tools away from their bodies. Today we talked about safe sitting positions, techniques and our 'blood bubbles' again, particularly keeping our bottoms on the logs, not walking around with knives and if anyone comes near, stop what you are doing and put the knife down.

We cut some sycamore sticks and the first skills to master were gentle stripping he brown bark from he stick, but leaving the yellow underneath. Then the task was to remove the yellow to expose the white core - building the sills this way helps the children learn to control the knives slowly. As time goes on we will build in the skills needed to make different patterns - Molly is desperate to make a wolf!

Jakob continued to display some excellent upper body strength with his rope climbing which really inspired some of the others to climb the ropes. I am excited to see how we progress on this front over the year!

....And then we had the face painting! The girls has asked for the paint pallets (basic watercolours) to paint signs for their den. The next thing I knew there were a load of leopard onsite! I genuinely hadn't foreseen this happening so wasn't sure wether to endorse it or stop it, but they were so so happy with themselves... I was just worried it wouldn't come off! Anyway, gradually everyone (except Eloise, I suspect she was the mastermind behind it!) turned into their favourite character.. from Pokemon to Rambo, and even Miss Wall was tagged with a rainbow! The new faces sparked some really wonderful imaginative play so it was worth it and the children were so proud of themselves - I do hope it all came off at home ok.

I must remember never to underestimate this group - they are so much fun to be around and have a great array of characters... thanks again Y2, I love Tuesdays with you!

(mushroom spotting! More and more are growing and we have now identified snowy inks, sulphur tuft and .. southing else that we haven't work out yet!)