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Y2: Sharing and Caring

We started off todays session talking about sharing, playing on our own and respecting others' spaces. We discussed things like, should everyone should have to share, always, no matter what?; was ok to let one person in a den, and not someone else?; was it ok to take things from someone else if they were playing with it? etc. Thankfully they all agreed that sharing also meant taking turns and understanding that if someone is happy using something, or by happy themselves, then that needs to be respected. The children came up with some good phrases like "I'm just happy on my own but I'll let you know when I'm ready to play", or, "that game looks fun, can I play too?". Later in the session found signs that they had made for shops that were either open or closed, depending on whether they wanted company, and Rory made a little disc that said 'I'm ready on one side, and 'I'm not ready' on the other. They really are a caring bunch of children and over the weeks we have seen them really look after eachother and open up their social circles.

Flo, Nathan and Tilly decorated the willow dome with some huge burdock leaves - this was tricky as the burdock is growing amongst the nettles and they kept getting stung. Nathan needed to make a path so we got the shears out to cut some nettles back - he really loved this.

Eloise, Issy and Sullivan were back at the pond, catching an array of creatures. They have notice 2 different types of tadpoles - huge ones and tiny ones - and spend most fo the session catching them and sorting into 2 pots. Amongst the tadpoles they found some newts and water boatmen, and were so excited to find not one but 2 diving beetles! (all of the adults were rounded up to come and have a look immediately!)

William, Ed, Matthew, Fergus and Jakob devised a battle ropes style game and even got Mr Wright in to have a go. Something to di with it the rope hits you you are out.. or if you let go you are out. Either way, it was a great physical activity for the arms and core!

Lots of fun all round today, and we were lucky with another sunny afternoon!

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