Y2 Forest School: Potion Magic

We had a great session today, and amazingly, we have managed to miss the rain AGAIN!

The children have been quite interested in the mud kitchen and making potions, so this week I pulled together some extra bits and added some magic so we had a little bit of Halloween in our session. I was totally amazed at how much they enjoyed this.. even those that haven't touch the mud kitchen or shown any interest in 'dirty stuff' for the past 6 weeks. The oohs and ahhhh of the names of the ingredients was lovely to hear and the additional names they came up with were wonderful... 'witches warts', 'rat poo', 'fairy sleeping pods', 'dried dragon snot'...

The children jumped into action and imaginations went wild. There was a lot of team work and sharing involved, and improvising with the use of tin cans and muddy pots for mixing. We made magic wants with super cool feathers in (even bright pink flamingo feathers from a local wildlife park!) to stir the potions with and the children were very creative in coming up with names - we had everything from love, sleeping and death potions to making nature grow and turning you into a fairy, I wish I had videos the session for you all to see!

I left the blackboard out for them to write down what their potion was for, and Rory took great care in writing down the ingredients for his 'Nacher Poshen' - he desperately wanted to make something that would help all the nature grown back after it was destroyed!

Eloise and Issy started a potion shop and would only let people in when they traded or something special - this did spark a few issues but between the children they worked it out (and developed creative ways to get around not being allowed in!). We did end up with some really lovely things in the shop!

We had a lot of other things going on too - Logan was hard at work practicing his tree climbing skills and finding things to climb on to get him higher into the tree.

The shave horse was a great hit - it had been left out from Y5 last week and a group of the children wondered what it was. I gave Miss Wall a demo and the children loved watching her get stuck in and make a flower. Everyone then wanted a go, which was to be expected. It is a very safe skill for the children to learn, and incredibly therapeutic so I can see us using this more and more in the coming weeks.

Tilly and Flo enjoyed using the palm drills to make holes in the pumpkins and Sullivan and Ms Thorpe has great fun collecting all things yellow to decorate one of the trees - Ms Thorpe mentioned what a mindful activity it was and I think it nearly sent Sullivan to sleep!

Zoe was back in her usual spot climbing the trees and attaching ropes to make a swing - at one point she 'said' she couldn't get down, but her friends showed her the way... great teamwork! William was also back up the trees - right at the top of the little oak and very pleased with himself as well (can you see his head in the photo below?)

Another crazy imaginative week with Y2.. always an inspiration :-)