• dianamills

Y2: Pond Lessons

Another session with lots going on!

We had a go at making bracelets from paracord - great knot skills and memory development, also resilience when it didn't go right and we had to undo them and start again!

Nathan, Logan and Jan had a wonderful time foraging for things in the pond. They got quite excited at times and had to be reminded that it was the home of lots of different insects and )(hopefully) newts and frog so we need to protect it. I did warn them to concentrate on their balance and to be calm but I think they thought I was trying to ruin their fun. This was until we had a little accident (I'm sure you have all heard!) and one of them fell in. No physical damage done but this proved to be quite a shock and the message of being careful around the pond seemed to sink in. I didn't need to use the "I told you so" words... it was quite enough to experience the cold water and the shock of falling in. After this they calmed a lot and started fishing for green balls... .

Logan had a great time telling me all about Pokemon characters and made a Pokemon stew (I hope I have got that right!). He also had a great time climbing again today and really using his strong muscles.

Rory was very keen to make a box for his sister. He wanted to use just 2 pieces of wood so we had a discussion about shapes and what his box could look like. We decided that drawing it would be the best plan so that we both know what we are trying to build, and so I can get the materials - Rory put a lot of effort into his idea and was very keen to share this with other so that they too could make a box!

The kids club was set up again, but in the middle of it all the children found a nest in the round house. This was an old one from last year, but they were so convinced there were eggs in it that they removed all the kids club stuff and barricaded the door so that no one would go in and disturb it.

After the pond incident, Matthew, Ed, Sullivan and Jan were keen to help Liberty cut back some of the brambles around the pond. The nettles are starting to grow and are super stingy at the moment so the boys made sure they were very careful not to fall over!

We are a little concerned at the moment that we haven't seen any frogs, or spawn in the pond yet so have started making a log pile house on the edge of the pond to encourage them. Whilst moving the logs we found loads of fungi and little insects... all good for the frogs and newts to eat! Fingers crossed the frogs find their new home!

At snack time we had hot chocolate courtesy of Ms Wall -topped off with a load of mini marshmallows, what a treat!

Another lovely afternoon!