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Y2: Its all about the fox..

Busy busy busy year 2...

This gang are so creative... from making signs, tying knots, building dens, making pictures, catching 'tigers', they just want to do it all!

Knowing that the children are always interested in putting up ropes, Mrs Thorpe (our resident Scout Leader) sat down and taught a few of them how to tie reef knots and use a lashing technique to make a tripod. Rory particularly loved this and immediately came to find a rope so he could build a swing with his new found skill. We used a different knot for this one which he studied in great depth and was super chuffed with the finished product... I do apologise if he has tied up everything in the house, he really did love the knots and was around to announce that he would teach anyone who wanted to learn next week!

Building on last weeks hideout developments the girls got to work making signs and tables... only to find what they called a super cool den and promptly moved all of their stuff over to a hidden area inside a sycamore against the wall. Due to some random fox ears that Eloise snuck in to Forest School, the Fox den was named and Issy drew a brilliant picture on some wood in honour.

Jakob blew me away this week with his tree climbing.. very quickly he scaled a thick branch and looked very surprised at my shocked face when asked him to 'please hold on and concentrate'! He rolled his eyes and said, of course, and then showed me how fast he could slide back down. We do always talk about safety and climbing to our own limits, and he was clearly very comfortable up there.

Some other fabulous teamwork and creativity was going on in the roundhouse where William, Ed, Theo and Fergus were using bits of wood to make instruments, previous thy had been using planks of wood to make see-saws and balance beams... great core and gross motor development activities!

Rose, Sasha and Ava made a lovely kitchen den and decorated it with colourful leaves and mud pies they were so proud of it and a little heartbroken at tidy up time...I think particularly as they got very carried away with their knew knot skills and tied lots of ropes all over the place!

Thanks again Y2, you always put a smile on my face :-)

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