• dianamills

Y2: Fun in the sun!

What a wonderful return to Forest School! The children had clearly been thinking about what they wanted to do when they got back in the wild area and very quickly set to making shops, kids clubs, climbing trees, digging and making dens.

We started with a chat about our ground rules of kindness, safety and looking after the site and also ways to respect each others space. I'm pleased to say we had a brilliant afternoon and it was a joy to see the games the children played and how much they enjoyed being together.

Logan got to his highest point I the tree to date, which was a massive achievement and we all gave him a clap... he was very proud of himself :-). He also showed us some great weaving skills.

Flo set up a kids club in the round house and Molly, Tilly and Rose helped decorate and secure the place. We repainted one of the old blackboards so she could make a sign and create some rules... amazing!

Eloise and Issy did a lot of watering.... the hosepipe somehow came out and we almost has a lot of soaking children!

Ed and Matthew showed great determination and skill with their balancing on a great obstacle course at the back of the wild area

Generally lots of climbing trees, hanging around and creative play. A few of the children bought in ID books to show their friends... Molly had a Wonderfull butterfly book and almost right on cue, a beautiful male Brimstone butterfly fluttered past - the first one we have seen this spring and Molly really enjoyed telling her friends about the difference between the males and the females. It also led us nicely onto discuss the wild flower meadow that we seeded last year and have more seeds to sow next week so hopefully we will be seeing lots more butterfly species!

Thanks again Y2, What a fun Tuesday afternoon!