• dianamills

Y2 Forest School: Reindeer & Woodchip

Christmas has definitely arrived at school and today we had elves in trees, reindeer in the fire pit and little helpers shovelling wood chip to all the muddy areas onsite. It was go go go all session!

Over the weekend we had a delivery of woodchip from the wonderful Peter at PWG Tree Services. The children were so excited when they saw the huge 'mountain' and, without much prompting, set to work using all the pots and pans available to shovel the wood chip into the wheel barrow and then spread around the site. It really was a remarkable team effort - they laid out all the pans and organised a group to fill them, some picking up to tip into the wheel barrow, others ferrying the barrow around and then a few more raking it out - a well oiled conveyor belt! Our site now has a new lease of life and hopefully won't be so boggy when it rains next!

We also had some dens on the go, a shop selling coal and rainbow coloured lichen and some fun hide and seek games...

.. and then there were reindeer. It's christmas after all and we need a little but of christmas craft in our lives. Not all the children were interested in doing tis, which is fine, and totally in keeping with our Forest School either, but those that were rally showed some great perseverance and patience. They started out by using the bow saw to cut a body and a head for their reindeer and then used the palm drills to make holes for the neck/antlers/legs. This was tricky work with the fresh sycamore so I did help finish the holes off with the electric drill. We then carefully cut legs from dogwood, willow or hazel using secateurs. The really hard part was balancing the reindeer on its little legs... very much trial and error and where a lot of patience came in!