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Y2 Forest School - Perseverance

What a fabulous afternoon we had this week. Their time at Forest School clearly meant a lot to them because they all listened so well and were really kind to each other.

There were lots of pleas for us to help the children into the trees... but I explained that a huge part of Forest School is to develop a range of skills including being physically able to climb and the mental strength and perseverance needed. I told them that helping them do something their bodies weren't ready for wasn't safe, and over time they would work it out (it did feel mean but I also knew it was for the best). At the end of the session I had a barrage of "Diana Diana, I did it, I did it"... - the joy on the faces of those who had spend the best part of an hour trying to climb had succeeded and they were so proud of themselves. It really was the epitome of Forest School - adversity, patience, perseverance, success - some great learning to take into the rest of their lives.

Others had lots of fun playing tug of war, making swings, hanging out in the hammock and aparently the best part... snacks and squash.

It really was the best start to our year of Forest School and I am really looking forward to getting to know all of the children over the coming weeks.

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