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Y2 Forest School: Mud Slides and Monkey bars...

Today was like a PE lesson on steroids.... the children had so much fun in the woods! Despite the cold weather they were very hot running up and down the banks and trying to 'monkey' their way across a crocodile filled ravine, that all hopes of waterproof protecting clothing was discarded.... i'm so sorry for all the muddy clothes.

We took the zip line equipment but couldn't get the rope tight enough so the children decided they could move across with just their arms. We were blown away by their strength.. they make it look so easy! I'm rather embarrassed to say I can hardly hold my weight, let alone cross a ravine! There was lots of turn taking today, as they waited for their go on the ropes - tricky at times but they all managed to cheer each other on, which was lovely to hear.

Other ropes were used to pull themselves up the steep banks once they had slid down. We did also have a chat about what could be under the leaves and to always check before you jump in case there are branches or sharp things.

Eloise found some burned papers that has stories of witches no them.. it inspired a great story about what goes on in the woods... made even more exciting by the dense fog!

On the way to the woods the children walked in pairs and were ver safe when crossing the roads. We talked about strangers and dogs and not to approach them, and also about the boundary around the site and not to go beyond the trees we had marked out. They did want to run wild and free.. but the muddy banks did keep them occupied!

We and hot chocolate and biscuits for snack time before our walk back to school... what a fab afternoon!

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