Y2 Forest School: Friendship, Support, Teamwork

We had a wonderful time cooking pita pocket pizza's today - I prepped one with Rory and in turn, he showed the rest of the group what to do - they all helped each other and made sure that all the adults had a pocket too! Lovely to witness.

Many of them were keen to practice lighting fires too, and again, those that were more proficient helped and encouraged those that struggled.

Lots of other things were happening whilst the cooking was going on....we had lots of tree climbing again today but a new tree this week - Fergus, Nathan and Eloise seem to be very adventurous and have planned to write a letter for Mrs G asking her to widen the Nature Resave to indulge more trees to climb! There were new risks to consider and challenges to overcome - less support getting up so more body strength needed but nice spots to sit once there - it did create some drama and the children had to work out who's turn it was, and also how to let someone else have ago... always a hard one!

Sasha, Rose and Flo enjoyed making dens again and cooking up a storm in the mud kitchen.

Logan loved using the fermenting conkers to make a conker soap potion - all sorts went into it and I think it smelt quite funny!

Ed, Theo and Logan continued digging a hole that one of the Y5 girls had started last week - It is now huge.

Eloise drew a map and made a treasure hunt for Issy and Rory - I'm not sure if they ever found the treasure, but it kept them occupied for a long time!

Another fun week, and so much learning for all of us... I cant wait for next week!