• dianamills

Y2 Forest School: Construction

So much climbing and building today... We are very fortunate to have Luke (Jasmine's Dad) going us in our sessions and today he came prepped with his tool bag to help us build some things out of the pallets we have been given. The children loved the problem solving of how the sink would fit into the pallet, how to cut a hole and what tools to use.

Meanwhile, others enjoyed picking blackberries and making tie dye pictures. We also had some fun by the pond as a huge dragonfly came to say hello. It tried to fight off a damselfly that was hanging around too and it was wonderful for the children to see the difference in size between the 2. Charlie tried very hard to catch it for a closer look! We did find some nymphs in the pond so the children are beginning to grasp the life cycles of the dragon flies and how long it takes for them to develop - and of course, why we have to be very careful when pond dipping.

Another lovely afternoon, thanks Y2!