• dianamills

Y2 Forest School: Bird Feeders and Face Painting

Another wonderful afternoon in our Nature Reserve making bird feeders and playing vampire and sabre-tooth tigers!

We started off with some role plays to try and get the children thinking about our zones of regulation, how our behaviour impacts others, and how we can listen better to our friends. Y2 are very very good at listening to grown ups, but over the past few weeks we have has a few tricky situations where 'not listening' to each other has ended up in some undesirable behaviours.. . Ms Wall and I acted out a scenario where I got very upset when she came to take away the rope I was playing with and then Ms Wall climbed into a tree with Ms Thorpe and they had a little 'push and a squabble'. We asked the children what zones we might have been in and how we each may have been feeling in these scenarios - happy at first (green zone) but then frustrated, scared, frighted, annoyed (yellow into red). Just as we expected the children found it all very funny, but also were spot on with their 'diagnosis'. We also role played with some of the children how the situations could have played out better - this went down very well and throughout the session we heard wonderful comments like "when you are finished please may I have a go", "you can come in my den" and just general loveliness from all of them.

Over the course of the term the children have come to enjoy our resident Robin that comes to say hello each week (I think he just like the crumbs they leave!)... and they have been asking if we can make feeders. So this week we got the tools out and made some (hopefully) squirrel proof fat ball feeders. This involved sawing drilling, hammering, wire cutting and a lot of patience as it didn't always go right!

Logan had a great time drilling holes in conkers to make some lovely hanging decorations with feathers. He was great and did a load for Eva too so that she could practice threading.

After the begging for faceprinting over the last few weeks, I brought in some actual face paints this week. The children had a whale of a time painting each others faces and making up wonderful games on the back of it - I do hope cleaning faces at home wasn't a nightmare!

Lots of lovely playtime, climbing and hide & seek games. Logan also planted a conker and watered it, so that one day we will have a huge conker tree!

The session finished with the start of a lovely sunset... perfect end to the day!