• dianamills

Y2 Forest School: A wolves and Zombies week!

This group seriously love painting...every week they ask if they can paint their faces and when the answer is no... every spare bit of wood gets a makeover! Having said all this, the creativity is amazing, and the joy they experience is just lovely. Logan really worked hard to make a banner of house colours, and Issy and Eloise got stuck in with painting a bit of fencing for their den.

After last weeks discussions about fairies Rory wanted to make a fairy door - however, we found a log in the shape of a heart and instead he wanted to paint a heart for Imogen. He used a lot of energy sawing with Liberty to cut it 'just right' and then carefully painted it... (heart shaped emoji here!).

I had left a friendship making ring on the table and the girls asked what it was and then if they could make one too. So we cut down some sycamore, and used the bow saw to cut rounds. Zoe was very good at lopping of the smaller branches so we had a nice stable branch to work with. Once we had the rounds, we marked 8 spots and then used the little saw and the vice to cut little slits.

Then it was onto the drills to make a hole in the centre - this was tricky and the palm drills weren't big enough so we got out the power drill!

Tilly was very keen to practice her fire lighting skills again and was over then moon after a fw attempts when it went 'woos'!

Rose, Flo, Molly and Sasha used some big planks to make a den with they were super proud of, and the others really enjoyed climbing and swinging on the new branch that I suspended between some of the trees. We also had a range of games today, from wolves to zombies!

Now that the leaves are all but off the trees, Nathan and William have really enjoyed the views from the top of the little oaks - despite the look of its this little tree is very sturdy!

We finished the session with a wonder wolf howl from the girls in the willow den!