• dianamills

Y2: Fire time

Y2 have been so lucky to dodge the rain for the past few weeks and I think we may have had the last of our summery Forest School sessions...

For the past few weeks they have asked about cooking marshmallows so this week we got stuck in. We talked about all the safety things we needed to know and then played a game of duck duck goose (or fox fox chicken so that we could use the fox headband!) to practice going out of the circle and around the outside, rather than through the middle and risk tripping into the fire... this game was a hit!

We also talked about building a fire, the 3 elements a fire needs and how we might put it out again... so many excellent suggestions here, and also lots of stories about making fires and cooking at home.. this group seem to know it all, it's brilliant!

The children paired up and took turns to toast their marshmallows. We had some very wise words from Ed 'its all about patience Flo, its all about patience'... when trying to get the perfect melty, yet crispy marshmallow!

Logan wasn't so sure as it was his first time but the rest of the group assured him they were yummy - he was cautious but realised what all the fuss was about once he had his perfectly grafted marshmallow (phew!)

Whilst the fire was happening some of the children found an old bow from last year which sparked a huge desire for bows and arrows so Mrs Thorpe was put to good use again teaching them to tie knots and wrap the string. It appears that Eloise and Zoe are masters at shooting their bows... maybe next week we need to make a shooting alley!

Rose made another amazing den - she was sad to have to take the ropes down and leave it but its all part of the experience... we can make a bigger one next week!

Tilly had a great time pretending to be a koala... which turned into a sloth!

Ava announced at snack time that she was proud of herself as it was the first time she had managed to climb the tree! This was such a HUGE achievement as not all of the children have been able to get into the tree and I told them right at the start that if they keep trying then one day they will get it. She was so happy and everyone gave her a big clap!

Y2 you are a joy, as always :-)