• dianamills

Y2: Den Creativity

Super sunny and super creative today, as always. This week the children defaulted to making dens, inspired by Logan and the crates. He had decided the crates were his Minecraft secret hide-out but wasnt happy with the nettles growth through the bottom. So we put on some gloves and set top work clearing an area where we could move the crates to to construct a 'supreme' den. Nathan caught wind of our exercise and came to help Logan, leaving me redundant. Both boys continued to find wood to create a roof, logs for seats and pens to make a sign for the outside. So much discussion, teamwork, though and passion went into this, it was lovely to witness.

Jan, Eloise and Sullivan created a den by the climbing tree - and designed a trap to cats foxes. This resembled something I would expect to see on an episode of Peter Rabbit to catch Tommy Brock or Mr Todd... it was very clever and provided much entertainment and discussion about how it worked. Eloise wanted to build a robot that could automatically pull the rope to trap the fox so she didn't have to sit and wait for so long!

To get into their 'tree top' den, the children used an old fence panel as a ladder. This bothered Logan a bit as it wasn't entirely safe and set about warning everyone who climbed on it. They decided that they needed a ladder so agreed that would be a good project for next week. Excellent self risk management and problem solving.

Rose and Tilly tied up a rope a bit like a hammock and had great fun testing their body strength but sitting and swinging around - excellent for the core muscles and the vestibular system!

Liberty used some of the wooden rounds to make dream catchers and mobiles with whoever was interested - a huge amount of effort and pride went into these!

Matthew, Jakob, Theo and Ed had great fun making potions with the pond water. They were very careful not to disturb any of the tadpoles and enjoyed foraging for different leaves and ingredients for their mixtures.

Towards the end we had a few issues around possession and sharing which we need to address next week...I think they were all so proud of what they had all done today at no one wanted anyone else to mess it up! Lots of lessons to learn for us all as always :-)