• dianamills

Y2: Catching tigers

We had a great session this week - everyone was a little more familiar with the site and what they could do so there were lots of needs to meet.

The quote of the week for me was ...'Im going straight to the pond to catch a tiger' (the newts have 'flappy gills' that make them look like tigers apparently.

We did a lot of pond dipping, built trapeze swings, made fairy dens, drilled holes in acorns with palm drills (excellent for building up hand muscles for writing)... chilled in hammocks and climbed trees.

Snack time was great with the children really getting on board with sharing and teamwork. We all sat quietly whilst Zoe handed out the biscuits and Rory gave everyone a drink. We started a blackboard this week where the children volunteer to do the jobs and it worked very well... they all want to help so are taking it in turns each week.

We did have some issues along the way with sharing resources and understand what others needed them for. Two of the boys were a little at war at one point but reflected on this at the end and one told the group how lovely it felt to be friends again ("one minute we were fighting, and the other we were helping each other, it was amazing how we worked it out'".. these are the moment we really treasure, wise words from a 6yo)

Each week we are working on our problem solving and listening to each others needs - the group are so active and are learning that sometimes they have to wait to get what they really want, but it is worth it in the end.

Thanks again Y2, I had a lovely afternoon with you