• dianamills

Y2 and the 'Mystery Pond Creature'...

These children have the best imaginations!! After inspecting the pond for the frog we found on Sunday, Eloise, Sullivan and Issy began a little bit of pond dipping. They found all sorts of 'shrimpy' things, a huge dragonfly nymph and lots of leaches and were very happy, until Issy saw the "tail of something massive". This sparked a whole host of detective work, Eloise made signs to the pond, we got out every ID chart and the pond area became a hive of activity. Was is a snake? A dragon? A fish? A huge newt? A giant leech? I'm not sure they ever found out but they really enjoyed the detective work and might even write some stories about it back in the classroom!

Following on from a load of super stingy nettle stings in the past few weeks, I though the children might like to see what food we can cook with nettles. We had planted some wild garlic earlier in the year, but it hasn't grown too well so my plan was to bring some in and make nettle and wild garlic pesto with campfire flatbreads. However... I forgot the wild garlic!

Not to be deterred, we made the flatbreads anyway and added in the blended nettles, some extra garlic and parmesan. Liberty and Logan made the fire... a brilliant one at that... and cooked the flatbreads for us. I am very happy to say that everyone tried one and they all loved them!!

Nathan and Theo also had a go at fire lighting, taking it in turns and encouraging each other - lovely to witness.

Lots of other games today.. rope swings, hide and seek, log climbing... generally just a lot of very happy children!

Another lovely sunny session with Y2 :-)