• dianamills

Y5: Wet Wednesday!

Our first wet Wednesday and the children for the most part, loved the rain... and the good old saying 'there is no such thin as bad weather, just bad clothing' rang true. Lots of the gang chose not to put their wellies on today, but I think (and am hoping) that next time it rains they may decide differently as we had lots of wet socks at the end!

The first part of our session was dry but the heavens opened right when we were having snack and marshmallows which made it a little tricky and many of use got very soggy bottoms, and the tarp we had up kept pooling water so a few people got a little soaked when the wind blew!

We started off Forest School today with a reminder about our values and how we are a community and should be looking out for each other. I asked the children to think about how they might solve a problem (physical, social etc) before asking a grown up for help, and this would include listening to what their friends needs are, and also trying to choose their own words so they could communicate effectively. We decided to make our own agreements on behaviour at the end of the session, but we didn't quite get to this because of the rain so it is on the agenda for next week...

There was so much team work and enthusiasm this week it was amazing - a group of the boys had fun pulling each other up with a rope, seeing how many they needed in order to lift the boy on the rope... and then work out how to get him down again

Another group got to work decorating a den that thy have been cultivating - they were pleased to be focussing a whole session on making decorating and not cutting back nettles and brambles.. noting that they had put the effort in last week and now could relax! They made bunting by threading leaves onto ivy and willow, made some woven willow hoops and drilled holes in conkers and acorns (great fine motor skill development).

The pond was a hit again, but a lot less newts are there now.... maybe they have all left the pond to hide from all the dippers?!

More excellent tree climbing skills, swing creations and exploring through the brambles (we will get into the willow dome properly, I promise!)... and not to mention a whole load of wanna be fire starters! We made a small fire, expertly lit by Edward and Ophelia, and toasted some marshmallows at the end of the session. A few others tried to light small bits of cotton wool with the flint and steel and were encouraged to persevere by their friends, but it might take some time to master this skill... fingers crossed we are here for the whole year and have plenty of time for it...

Thanks again year 5, today was a blast!