• Ms Coles

Welcome to Term 6 w/b 06.06.22

I hope you all have enjoyed the half term break. We are now entering the final term of the academic year. Our topic for term 6 is ' Global Citizenship'. The children talk about and understand how we all can be responsible global citizens.

Following law and rules

Looking after the environment

Volunteering in the community

Respect the rights and property of others.

In week 1, we will look and compare schools around the world. The children will write a non- chronological report /fact file.

Maths: Continuation of Time.

On Friday, we will make our jelly fish for the school fete from recycled materials. Please could your child bring in recyclable materials like... bubble wrap, an old and unwanted umbrella, fabric, etc at the beginning of the week. Thank you for all your support.

Attached are bread making pictures from last week in D & T and a friendly cricket match with Rupert House in Henley.