• Mrs Greenwood

Welcome Term 5 - Endeavour Class

Welcome to Term 5 Endeavour Class where we will be Reaching up for the school value of Excellence. This term we will be learning all about the Parish of Nettlebed and how it has changed over the years. We will explore digital and paper based maps as well as take some field trips into the local area - including to the remarkable Creamery where we will learn about cheese production for our DT project towards the end of term.

The children will be playing tennis as part of their PE curriculum, Year 5s will continue with Forest School and Year 6 will be playing rounders.

This term is especially important for the Year 6's as they sit their SATs. The Year 5s will join the other Year 5s and Investigator Class for several sessions whilst the year 6s practice and prepare.

Mrs Greenwood will remain with the class for the near future whilst Ms Wyatt recuperates from Covid and we hope to welcome her back soon.

It will be a short but very sweet term!