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Welcome back for Term 5 - Highflyer

Welcome back to Term 5 in Highflyer class! I hope you have had a wonderful Easter holiday and that children are excited to return to school. I am so excited to be reunited!

Our geography topic for this term is ‘Our Local Area’ and as usual much of the learning will be based around this topic. Our field work will include an exploration of our immediate local area and how people use it. Writing will be linked to our topic work where appropriate.

We have some trips and outings lined up for this term; there will be a trip to the River and Rowing Museum, a local walk, a church visit and a Nettlebed Creamery tour. All of these link to our topic work.

The children will also be completing their KS1 SATS towards the end of this term. Please see the curriculum newsletter on the Highflyer webpage for a brief overview of this term’s learning.

Topic/ Literacy

This week we will kick start the topic by going for a local walk, and develop our field work skills. We will also write informative text in the form of a fact file based on what we learn.


In SPaG we will be looking at the different word classes: nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Spellings are the suffixes –ment, -ness and -ful.


In maths we will finish the Unit on Fractions and begin the new Unit on Measurement: Length & height.


This week the children will be looking at architecture and draw local buildings in the Nettlebed area.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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