• Mrs Greenwood

Weekly Round Up


Dear all,

Thank you to those of you who wore your odd socks on Monday to celebrate all of our unique differences. This week the children have been taking part in class based activities and a national assembly to mark anti bullying week. Ways of strengthening relationships is always important to us at Nettlebed and we have some exciting developments starting next week. Please read on to hear more.

House Cross Country

A busy morning of house cross country running and only 3 points between first and second has meant that Apollo have ended as victorious winners of the Nettlebed annual cross country. The children were fantastic this morning and ran as best as they could for their House. I am always so impressed by the effort that goes into these events and how ALL children try their best regardless of ability.

Playground developments

Since the children have returned to school, we have had quite separate playtimes to keep our bubbles separate. This has worked well and the children have been brilliant but sadly our playground leaders have not been able to do their job. Through this lack of playground leaders, and natural attrition (balls on rooves and over fences never to be seen again) we are now lacking a little in playground equipment for the children. Should you have any old balls, skipping ropes or something which you think might be suitable for the playground then please can you donate to your child's class? The school council thought that rather than buy new things, they wanted to first ask parents so we can recycle. If the equipment does come to school, then it would be for the whole class to use and runs the risk of being lost or broken. Please bring anything to your class teacher who will check it is suitable and label it for the class.

Starting on Monday we are also introducing a 'Restoration Station' onto the playground. This will be manned by an adult, usually a teacher, who will be responsible for discussing any problems which have arisen between the children during the lunchtime. They will be using the Restorative Justice framework and discussing the thoughts and emotions behind a child's decision making process as well as the impact. The adults will also be able to relate the Zones of Regulation to the children at the point of conflict and so seek to build emotional understanding.

Coupled with this will be a new system of dealing with any physical altercations. The child will also go through the restorative process and have the consequence immediately with the member of staff on the Restoration Station Any physical acts will result in time outs off the playground and be recorded to be shared with parents at the end of the day. I will also be alerted to all physical altercations that day.

We have made these adaptations to build on making playtimes positive for the children and not lose learning time to sort out any disagreements between children. Whilst we obviously cannot stop children falling out or disagreeing, we believe in using it as a learning process and offering set time for the children to talk it through. This is all part of the learning process and sits alongside any sanctions.

If you would like to learn more about Restorative Justice and the Zones of Regulation, then please join Mrs Greenwood for the curriculum session next week. See below for details.

Curriculum sessions for parents Thank you for those who joined Mrs Lonsdale on Wednesday for the phonics session. It was a very positive session and offered an invaluable opportunity to learn how we teach in school and also how best to support your child at home. There are lots of resources for phonics on your child's class page on the website.

Curriculum session coming up available for all to join...

Zones of Regulation and Restorative Justice with Mrs Greenwood - 24th November 10 - 11am Learn how these 2 approaches form the backbone or our pastoral approach when working with the children and how you can use them at home to support as well. Maths and early mathematics skills with Ms Roberts - 25th November 1.30 - 2.30 Learn how we approach the teaching of number, calculation and practical ways you can support your child at home. Internet Safety ​Next week at school we will have a focus on Internet Safety. We will be running age appropriate assemblies and lessons across the school to remind children of how to stay safe on-line. We recognise that whilst on-line safety is important all the time, it is heightened even more now with lockdown. If you wish to seek further information please have a look at https://nationalonlinesafety.com/ National Online Safety | Keeping Children Safe Online in Education Designated Safeguarding Leads should take lead responsibility for safeguarding and child protection, including online safety, in schools. They should undergo training to provide them with the knowledge and skills required to carry out the role, including the ability to understand the unique risks associated with online safety. nationalonlinesafety.com

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

Bethany Greenwood Headteacher A WORD FROM THE OFFICE FONS G&T Tasting next week - FONS have just one spot left for two people to join the G&T tasting night next week. Email fonscommittee@gmail.com to sign up Flu Immunisation Friday 11th December Thank you to everyone who has already clicked on the link previously provided to give or decline consent for the upcoming Flu immunisation. There are still 15 children with decline/consent outstanding. Please go into your flu email and click on the link asap. Thank you

. Healthy snacks and lunches We are very proud to have been awarded a Healthy Schools award and for promoting healthy eating in school. Children in Reception and KS1 receive a free piece of fruit each day and parents can order it at a very small cost for older children. They are also welcome to bring a healthy snack into school. Crisps may not be eaten as a snack at break time but may be part of a balanced meal at lunch Please note that sweets are not allowed at any time (other than as a treat for the class to celebrate a birthday) Please check the ingredients of any food items to make sure that they do not contain nuts; this can easily be missed, especially in cereal bars and chocolate/nutella spread etc. School Meals Please remember to book your meals for next week by midnight on Sunday. If you miss the deadline, a packed lunch will be required for the whole week. Have you considered booking your meals until half term to save having to do it every week? Please note that we are a no nut school as we have children with life threatening nut allergies. Please do not send any food items into school again which contain nuts.

Have a great weekend, Tracy & Lucy