• Mrs Greenwood

Weekly Round Up


Dear all,

Lots of action to report this week so I am going to jump straight in and I am desperate to avoid talking about weird and strange times so...

October Challenge and tea towels for Christmas

Huge congratulations to Apollo who have won the House challenge of running, walking, scotting or wheelchairing the furthest throughout the month of October. Please remember to hand in all of your sponsorship money and I will let you all know how much towards our playground total we have raised. Thank you to everyone who took part and to FONS for organising. We will give out certificates next week when we have had all of the forms.

Art club are busy preparing us a totaliser so we will all be able to track the fundraising efforts.

You will receive a letter today (and it is also attached to this email) which offers you a chance to grab yourself a stocking filler of the school tea towel for a bargainous £5. They will make the perfect present for any relative. All proceeds go towards FONS.

Please return the form and the money by Wednesday at the very latest so secure your towels.

Poppy Week - Remembrance Day

Next week marks remembrance day and as usual we will offer the children the opportunity to buy a poppy, wristband, pencil, ruler, sharpener or zip pull. All of these have a suggested donation of 50p or £1. If your child would like to buy one, then they will be offered a chance each day in the classroom. Obviously, stock is limited to what we have been allocated so we will share it out fairly between classes.

After school clubs and wraparound provision

(Sorry - I do have to address one Covid related item!)

The DfE have released guidance for educational settings in regards to wraparound care in schools. It clearly states that children should be able to access wraparound provision in order that parents are still able to work or seek work. Our club system within Nettlebed was established so that we could provide wraparound care but do so with more options than a single club. Therefore we consider the whole provision to be our wraparound care and it will continue. We are keen to keep this going as long as we can

To minimise risk the club leaders wear masks, follow respiratory guidance, wash hands before being in school and also distance as much as possible. The clubs all take place within bubbles and in a setting which is well ventilated and cleaned between uses.

Parent and Carer curriculum support sessions

We are delighted to invite parents and carers to virtually meet with teachers and learn ways in which we teach and ways to support their children at home. Any parents and carers are welcome to join as it would be lovely to have as many of you as possible:

Phonics and early reading with Mrs Lonsdale - 18th November 1.30 - 2.30

Learn how we teach the different sounds and how we lead onto using this with reading.

Maths and early mathematics skills with Ms Roberts - 25th November 1.30 - 2.30

Learn how we approach the teaching of number, calculation and practical ways you can support your child at home.

Zones of Regulation and Restorative Justice with Mrs Greenwood - 24th November 10 - 11am

Learn how these 2 approaches form the backbone or our pastoral approach when working with the children and how you can use them at home to support as well.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I look forward to sharing with your our plans for another more fun C word....Christmas! Staff are busy making plans for a socially distant Christmas which we can all still be a part of even if it is virtually. I will share dates with you next week.

Warm wishes,

Bethany Greenwood



Short and sweet this week:

School Meals

Please remember to book your meals for next week by midnight on Sunday. If you miss the deadline, a packed lunch will be required for the whole week. Have you considered booking your meals until half term to save having to do it every week?

Please notify the office if your child is absent from school and you have booked a school meal. These can only be cancelled upon , which is to be cancelled

Please note that we are a no nut school as we have children with life threatening nut allergies.

Please do not send any food items into school again which contain nuts.

Have a great weekend

Tracy & Lucy