Week beginning 28.9.2020

It has been a great, positive and productive week. We've had lots of fun making our bread and butter pudding. In our music lesson the children sang and performed in our 'Strictly Come Singing' competition.

English: At the start of the week, the children had a' cold write' to complete on instruction writing. They all had an opportunity to make a WW2 favourite, bread and butter pudding. This was followed by writing instructions for the recipe. The pudding was really delicious!!

In the week ahead, children will be writing their own fiction story, after listening to the autobiography of a teddy bear called Otto.

Maths: We continued with 'place values' moving onto addition and subtraction by the end of the week. We will continue with this unit in term 1.

Music: The children learned a few new songs, performing in groups using percussion instruments. We even had scoring in our very own 'Strictly Come Singing' competition. Everyone worked as a team and put on a very enjoyable performance with great confidence.

Homework: You will find that your child has come home with a Maths book. This week the children are expected to complete section A, followed by writing numbers (1-50) on a piece of paper in words and in digits. Please could you ensure that your child spells these correctly.

As a year 3 requirement all children should be learning their times tables, spellings and the year 3/ 4 statutory words and not to forget reading each week. Maths homework can be brought into school from Monday to Thursday.

Your support is greatly appreciated! Hope you all have a good week.