• gwall45

Week beg 10th Jan - Highflyer class

We had a wonderful first week back! It has been so lovely to be reunited and hear about what the children have been doing over the Christmas holidays. They have returned with such a positive attitude towards their learning and settled back into the school routines really nicely.

This week we will be starting out topic ‘Hot and cold’. The children will learn about the location of hot and cold areas of the world in relation to the Equator and the North and South Poles, and compare their human and physical features.

In SPaG the focus is on noun phrases and expanded noun phrases. The spellings this week are Adding –ing to a word ending in –y with a consonant before it.

In Maths we will be starting the unit on Multiplication and Division. The children will learn to identify and make equal groups, arrays and multiplication sentences.

In RE we will be learning about ‘Nature and God’. It will teach the children about how nature can be important across religions and encourage them to make links between religions.

Have a great week!