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Week ahead in Highflyer 01.11.21

The week ahead..

I hope you have all had a lovely holiday!

Please note: Forest school days (Wednesdays) and PE days (Thursdays) remain the same as last term. The weather is changing so please ensure your children are sent to school with waterproofs on Forest school days.

Topic / Literacy

We are beginning our new topic on Ancient Greece.

This week the Highflyers will have an introduction to the Geography and History of Ancient Greece. They will be using map skills and learning about influential figures such as Alexander the Great and the Gods and Goddesses.


The spelling to learn this week are focusing on the sound /l/ spelt with ‘-le’ at the end of words

An overview of this term’s spellings can be found on this Highflyer class page.

This week we are also focusing on adjectives.


We will continue the unit on Addition & Subtraction. The children will focus on 10 more and 10 less, Add and subtract 10s, add by making 10, and add a 2-digit and 1-digit number – crossing ten.

I look forward to an exciting second term ahead with the wonderful Highflyers!

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