Week Ahead In Discovery 7.11.22

Last week was a great start to term 2. The children made their own potions for Halloween, followed by designing and labelling their clay model castles. The 2 activities enabled the children to write 2 sets of instructions.

On Monday, we have the opportunity to attend The Ramayana - The Diwali dance workshop in school. This experience will tie in nicely with our RE topic 'Hinduism' from last term.

English- Children will look at various examples of castles, why they were built, how they were built and complete a brief timeline. The children will continue to gather information, so they can compline their own fact files.

Maths- Continuation of addition and subtraction unit

Homework - English homework, spellings, timetables will be as normal. However, your child will need to complete their subtraction worksheet only. They will need show a base 10 representation for each question. Ideally, they should be able to complete this activity independently. Please could you write a small comment, if your child need assistance in completing this homework. Thank you for your support.

Hope you all have a good week.