Week Ahead In Discovery 28.6.21

Monday morning, the children walked into class very excited and were so happy to meet our class pet 'Pickle' the hamster.

Last week was a good week in English/Topic as the children designed their own informative beach safety posters.

The week ahead, we will focus on creative writing- poetry SEA OF DREAMS and story writing.

Maths- Continuation of Mass and Capacity

Science- Continuation of our topic on plants. We have already looked at the parts of plant, what a plant needs to grow, planted some runner beans giving it the right conditions to grow, planted 1 on tissue paper and another on paper in a dark cupboard. We also uprooted weeds in the school playground to study the different parts of a plant.

Beach Day- We are hoping to create the seaside in Nettlebed for the children on Friday 2.7.21. Your child should come to school in their school uniform but they will require a spare set of clothes and shoes for some outdoor fun.

I have previously emailed all parents and carer, requesting a few items to bring into school for the day and to make this day a success. Thank you.

Please find below a few pictures from last week.