• Ms Coles

Week Ahead in Discovery 24

We had Science week which was a lot of fun conducting experiments by examining, observing and investigating. We focused on 2 topics:

Animals Including Humans and Rocks. Conducting an experiment to see which juice contained a high amount of vitamin c. Making and using our own indicator containing iodine, corn flour and water. We looked at chicken bones, conducted an experiment on defection and finally to observe what would happen to the bones when placed in a dry container, water, vinegar and milk over a period of time. The children also learned about muscles found in our limbs and how they work in pairs. Photos attached below.

Rocks- The 3 different types of rocks, looking at some of their physical features, if they are permeable or impermeable, fossils and soils.

The week ahead, we will look at a story ' Lila and the Secret of Rain' from Africa. The children will write and innovate their own story by adding, substituting or altering. They will learn the key features of story writing (settings, characters, & plot), purpose and to learn descriptive techniques to use in their writing.

Maths- Money

It would be very helpful for your child to look at some currency at home or whilst shopping. Using addition and subtraction to embed their learning.

Homework- Due date 27.01.22

Wish you all a good week ahead and thank you for always being supportive.