• Ms Coles

Week ahead in Discovery 23.11.20

Last week as a school, we celebrated Odd sock day. Recognising we are equal but different and stand united against bullying.

On Friday, the whole school took part in the house cross country race. Everyone was in good spirits, it was thoroughly enjoyable. Massive congratulations to Apollo!!

English: We looked at the difference between formal and informal letters. The children wrote a formal letter to the queen. They looked at how to format their letters, introduce themselves, asked the queen a few questions using paragraphs and how to end their letters.

I was very pleased with the effort the children put in. I will be posting a few formal letters to Buckingham Palace, in the coming week.

Week ahead: We will be looking at Folk takes from the United Kingdom. The children will be writing their own version of the tale, Finn McCool. They will include adjectives, expanded noun phrases, adverbs, similes, metaphors, punctuation, proper nouns, pronouns, prepositions and direct speech in their writing.

Maths: Continuing with revision. We will continue to practice place values, column addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Computing: We will be returning to scratch programming. Bug fixing unit.

This year children will be singing 'The Song of The Winter Wind'. Every child has been given a copy of the lyrics. Please ensure your child is practising at home, thank you.


Homework: Maths homework books will be set weekly, spellings, reading and time tables.

Hope you all have a great week!