• Ms Coles

Week Ahead in Discovery 20.09.22

The children did a fantastic job picking up litter near the school grounds and in the local community. Equally keen to turn off light switches when we are not in the classroom. It was incredibly rewarding to make a real difference by looking after our environment.

Following a brief and looking at what makes a good/bad poster. The children delivered their powerful message by designing and creating their own posters.

English/Topic- We will be writing a short story on 'A Whale's Tale.' The story is purely visual with no words. The children will watch the video, give the main characters a name, use description for the setting and what happens in the story. We focused on adjectives, adverbs in our previous SPaG lesson which will enable them to write an interesting story.

Maths: Continuation of place values

Tuesday 20th September 22 is a great opportunity to informally visit the classroom between 3:30 and 4:30pm.

Homework: Due date by Thursday 22nd September. Please could you ensure that your child learns their spellings, along with their 3 times table. Logins for Times Table Rockstar and a Roman numerals guide stapled your child's planner.

Please could you send a small bag of clean recyclable waste for our little project.

Thank you for your help and support and wishing you all a good week ahead.