• Ms Coles

Week Ahead in Discovery 17.01.22

As always the children in Discovery approach each new topic with such an enthusiastic and a positive and attitude. This term has been no different, as they are enjoying their learning.

Last week, our focus in class was writing a non-chronological report on the different climates zones around the world. We looked at a few scientific instruments, countries around the world that have a different climate zone and why, climate biomes and importantly the difference between weather and climates. Making a rain gauge out of a recycled plastic bottle to collect and record rainfall.

Next week our focus is Science. The children will be learning two different topics.

Animals Including Humans -We will touch upon nutrient needed to support our bodies, learn about bones and muscles.

Rocks- Learning about the 3 different types of rocks, how they are formed and soils.

The above topics will involve experiments in class.

Maths- Continuation of multiplication and division unit 2.

Please find attached pictures of your children using the column multiplication method.