Week Ahead in Discovery 07.02.22

English - The children completed their version of 'Laila and the Secret of Rain.' I was very impressed with the description and effort they all put in.

The week ahead, we will focus on climate change. Conduct an experiment and complete a mini traffic survey. After gathering the necessary information, the children will write a newspaper report.

Maths- Statistics ( Includes tally charts and bar graphs)

Music- We will be using a new school resource called Charanga. Recorders will began next term.

Swimming- This will be our last swimming session, so please could you ensure your child brings in a spare set of clothes for their last lesson. Ideally a set of pyjamas, as the children will wear this over their swimwear.

Please see a few pictures below of the bones found in owl pellets and a deer antler.

A special thank you to a parent for the owl pellets and to a child from bringing in the antler.

Wish you all a good and healthy week ahead.