Week Ahead In Discovery 04.07.22

With only 2 weeks left of this academic year. The school will continue to remain an exciting and busy place!

Over the last few weeks, the children and staff have worked incredibly hard to put it together the KS2 production. We are all eagerly looking forward to the rehearsal on Monday 04.07.22.

A massive congratulations to all the children in Discovery for working so hard, being dedicated, focused and so enthusiastic. The task was to writ a shape poem on the Rights Of A Child. I was blown away by the quality and effort that the children put in to make it a success. They were all awarded 'Star of the week' as a class.

Maths- Mass and Capacity unit.

Science - We will also begin our science topic on 'Plants'

Sports Day- (07.07.22) Fingers crossed! For some fine weather.

I wish you all have a good week and hopefully see you on Thursday.