Week Ahead in Challenger T3Wk5

Fire Engine visit

We had a wonderful surprise on Friday thanks to the brilliant Henley Fire and Rescue Service. The children had a great time exploring inside the fire engine, finding out about the machinery and tools they carry and even having a go at spraying water. Scroll down to see the pictures.

Next week's learning

Next week in phonics the focus is on alternative spellings for the phoneme /oa/ and the digraph ng for the RAPID group.

Following on from last week when we found out about animal migration, our English work this week wil be based on an animal hibernation story.

In maths we are focussing on subtraction. We begin with subtractions that do not cross a ten using a variety of methods to calculate. We will then look at calculations that require crossing a ten. In Year 1 children do not use formal written methods of calculation for addition or subtraction. They are using a range of concrete resources, models and images and mental methods to understand the process. These are concrete objects, part-whole models, bar models, number tracks and number lines, crossing out methods and using knowledge of number facts.

How are you gettkng along with the White Rose 1 Minute Maths App? I would love to hear some feedback!

Music - Please make sure that ocarinas are kept in book bags so that they are available for practice throughout the week.

Have a great week everybody!