• Ms Coles

Week Ahead 21.9.2020

The week began with school council elections on Monday morning. Well done to all the children in year 3, who stood for the position. A massive congratulations to Annabel and Albie!

English/ Topic: The children were taught the difference between formal and informal letter writing, examples of informal/formal letters and structuring their informal letters last week.

A war time favourite bread and butter pudding.

In the coming week, the children will make and write instructions for their recipe. We will look at time connectives, imperative verbs and how to structure our writing.

Maths: We have continued with place values. We will be moving on to addition and subtraction in the coming weeks. It will be a good idea to get your child to write their numbers in words and digits (1 - 1,000) as extra practise at home.

Science Topic: Light

The children really enjoyed their science session last week. We looked at what is light, its sources, conducted experiments to see light travels in straight lines, shadows and how they are formed and sorting materials that are transparent, translucent and opaque.

All children must read everyday, learn their times tables, spellings and complete their maths homework. Thank you all for your continued support!